Alexander’s principles are conveyed through a unique touch aided by verbal and visual cues.

A stimulus to act is given. A pause allows the student to become aware of the harmful habits ingrained in the immediate reaction and prevent them. This opens the way to a more coordinated response. Together, the student and teacher build a new integration of mind and body in activity. The experience and understanding gained during your lesson are taken into daily life.

The Montreal School of the Alexander Technique offers many learning opportunities. Contact Francis or brigitte for more information. Ask about costs and logistics:

The Private Lesson

You will be able to apply what you learn to your daily life immediately. Twenty lessons are recommended for a practical understanding of the technique. In the beginning, the frequency of lessons is more important than the length of the lessons to both speed up the process and have the teacher check for “dead ends”.

The first 10 lessons

  • Several options are available. Contact brigitte or Francis for more information.

After 20 lessons

Regularity is the key to continue to deepen your understanding of the principles and refine their applications. Speak with your teacher and discuss options that meet your needs.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are not usually seen as the best way to learn the A.T. However, the teacher training course director is certain to offer a quality group learning experience.

Introductory classes are available either through the school or upon request to small groups of individuals who would like to start lessons. For example, a six-week introductory course would consist of two 75-minute sessions per week. Small group classes are also available to active A.T. students.

Guest Student

This option is recommended to any active A.T. student (a student having ongoing A.T. lessons in a teacher’s private practice) curious about a more intense A.T. experience and usually mandatory if you are contemplating entering the teacher training course.

A guest student is scheduled to come in during the teacher training school hours for full or half-days depending on his/her schedule and available space. As guest student, you receive work from the director equivalent, in terms of time, to a trainee and you also get work from trainees able to do “hands-on work”. The guest student is financially responsible for any scheduled day missed.


Similar to an experimental subject in a laboratory, an active student is affectionately called a “body” and comes into the school to “lend his/her body” to trainees capable of doing “hands-on work” and perfect their touch. As a body, you also learn to work on yourself aided by trainees and under the director’s supervision. In this capacity, one does not receive work from the director of the school. There is a minimal cost for this option.

Personal and Professional Development

This option is open to individuals who want to reconnect, upraise and deepen their relationship with themselves as well as their area of expertise (performing arts, physical therapy, sports, psychology, etc.) It is the quickest, most transformative and cost-effective way of fully immersing yourself in the A.T. experience. This option is also ideal for anyone recovering from an injury. Contact us for more details about this long-term journey which may also lead to becoming a teacher.

“Deciding to throw myself into the intensive Alexander technique training has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My interest initially started purely from a singer’s perspective—I wanted to improve my vocal ability and had a feeling I was preventing myself from improving because of habitual tensions in my body. Not only did I improve as a singer, over the course of my 500+ hours, but I eradicated my neck tension, completely changed how I use my body on a daily basis and in the gym, and as a result physically changed my appearance and posture. The way you use your body on a daily basis informs how young, agile, and resilient you are in your body: I don’t think I was aware of how truly stuck in my physical self-imposed limitations I was and how much preventable tension I was living with until I got into this work. Brigitte and Francis both offer very clear understandings of what it means to do this work, how to do it correctly to change your coordination and use of yourself. They are positive, supportive, and endlessly patient teachers.”

Jordanne Erichsen, Professional Development
Vocal Coach and Founder of Express Voice Studio

Intensives, Workshops and Retreats

Upon request, we would be happy to join small groups at weekend retreats and week-long intensive courses, to offer A.T. workshops to suit your needs. It is a dynamic way to discover what it has to offer. Here is a sample workshop:

  • An Exploration of the Mind-Body Connection in Action: Understanding the dynamics of postural reflex for conscious living.

See our past events.


Photo: Roxanne Lafleur