In January 2020, the Montreal School of the Alexander Technique, under the direction and instruction of brigitte Caron, will offer a three-year minimum teacher training course (1,600 hours) approved by ATC/CANSTAT (Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique). This program is certified by Employment and Social Development Canada to issue tax receipts.

Individual guidance and attention are ensured, through a student/teacher ratio no greater than five to one, to foster the high standard of personal use and functioning required to teach the F.M. Alexander Technique. The school is bilingual and welcomes English and French speaking students.

The training course is devoted to furthering one’s personal work as the basis for acquiring the practical hands-on and verbal skills necessary to communicate its principles.

Anatomy relevant to our teaching profession as well as knowledge of Alexander’s writings and procedures are an integral part of the curriculum.

Having completed the training course and demonstrated one’s understanding and abilities, the student will be granted a certification to teach the F.M. Alexander Technique. This certification is recognized by affiliated societies around the world.

The intensive experience provided by the training course can also be used to deepen one’s personal engagement in a chosen field of interest and inquiry such as theater, music, athletic performance and education at a very reasonable cost as well as becoming a teacher.

Other options to learn or deepen one’s understanding of the Alexander Technique are also available.

The Montreal School of the Alexander Technique aims to also promote work exchanges between A.T. teachers of all experience through regular professional development opportunities as well as post graduate work.

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For details of admission and curriculum, please contact:

brigitte Caron

If you choose to email me, please tell me a little about yourself. For example, let me know whether you are currently taking Alexander Technique lessons and why you are interested in this Program.

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Attention to the process of learning is more important than grabbing for results, more important still is the freedom from fear of failure.

F.M. Alexander

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