By Students of brigitte Caron

I have treasured my time studying with brigitte. As a teacher, she has conducted our jam-packed lessons with patience, support, curiosity, passion, gentleness, generosity, seemingly limitless wisdom, and refreshing humour. I have never walked away from a lesson without learning something new or being challenged to revisit a familiar concept from a fresh, new angle. Thanks to her guidance, my understanding of the Alexander Technique has deepened greatly, and my usage of myself has improved immensely—not just in my work as a musician, but in my day-to-day living.

Chris H., musician

My experience with brigitte was always positive and such a treat for my body. I always left my sessions feeling 10 ft taller. I made an appointment with her as I had heard good things about the Alexander technique and I was curious to see if it could improve my posture, I knew my posture was not great and I felt like my head was too heavy for my neck to carry. brigitte’s teaching helped me increase my awareness of how I hold & move my body in space. The results in my everyday life were so much more than I could have imagined. brigitte is a pleasure to work with and she has endless patience with her clients.

Carol S., holistic practitioner and ballroom dancer

Brigitte’s passion for the Alexander Technique has created a supportive community of teachers and trainees. Her knowledge, professionalism and compassion are clear from the moment you walk in the doors of her school. Trainees receive comprehensive and powerful instruction, and she regularly invites well-known teachers from across the globe to give workshops. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Brigitte and take part in some amazing workshops. Everything I’ve learned through her teaching and her school have helped deepen my understanding of the Alexander Technique. Montreal is lucky to have Brigitte Caron as a teacher and practitioner!

Caroline H., Ph.D. candidate, McGill University Schulich School of Music

Brigitte has a great personality and she is a lot of fun to work with! She is also a passionate advocate for musicians’ wellness. She believes very deeply in a holistic approach, and she tailored our AT sessions to my individual needs as a performer and a whole person. Through working with her, I became more attentive to my whole body at the piano and in many daily activities. This has helped me feel more comfortable and confident when playing, and has also given me a greater awareness of how I move in everyday life.

Jeff S., pianist

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