The Montreal School of the Alexander Technique, under the direction of brigitte Caron, will open its doors in January 2020.

Contact the director, brigitte Caron to find out more.

If you choose to email her to find out more about the Teacher Training Program for certification, please tell her a little about yourself. For example, let her know whether you are currently taking Alexander Technique lessons and why you are interested in this program.


F. M. Alexander

In a nutshell, the Alexander Technique is an art in living.

It addresses physical discomfort, strain, pain and injuries;

refines coordination;

improves your stamina for paying attention, being present and so, your power of observation;

alleviates nervous and chronic tension in the preparation and performances of all kinds;

enhances every aspect of life.

There is no one who would not benefit from a course of lessons.


Alexander did not give people who came to him a kind of medical treatment, but rather what he gave them was a re-education through a process developing their awareness about their behaviour.

Patrick Macdonald
Introduction in Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, by F.M. Alexander, 1986.

It gives the opportunity to be physically fit without being athletic.

Robertson Davies

The school is approved by
Alexander Technique Canada
ATC/CANSTAT (Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)


Horizons (detail). Drawing : Roxanne Lafleur